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Why not develop your business online with our different courses, tips and methodologies. Learn how to control your web strategy with our media and fly away! Let's start together to develop your business online!


About Quidd

QSC for Quidd Services Conseils is a new startup in Canada that offers offlines training or online courses as well as advice on open-source technologies for your business to take (finally) off the ground. Thanks to its competent teachers and new customer-oriented learning methodologies, building your business online and generating additional income will no longer be a problem! We train, plan, evaluate your ideas and your business to guarantee you success quickly! Contact-us !

About the founder

An engineer by training, Nicolas is the founder of Quidd Services. Gifted to set up strategies online and driven by an innate sense of entrepreneurship, he co-founded a marketing company and several advertising agencies in Europe and North America. With this success and a desire to share his knowledge, he makes his knowledge available to his students now in Canada.



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