Learning Objectives

Our training and advice will cover all of your functional and technical needs with our team at your disposal !

Easy access

Our training courses and service offerings cover a large number of topics that will facilitate your entry into the market quickly and efficiently!

Easily customizable

Quidd offers personnalized courses for a rise in competence and fast learning

...Focus on action

With our team of technology experts, get your business up to speed and start generating revenues quickly!

Warranty and support

You can contact us at any time to ask questions or questions about your business idea. Our experts will respond quickly (less than 2 hours). Feel free to use chat or email!

Course tracking

With Quidd, you'll see that learning is really clear with intuitive lesson plans and optimized tracking.


Choose your courses and your offer in French or English in Canada. Our bilingual team will be happy to help you in your business plan through its enriching multilingual offer!

Qualified teachers

Learn as much as you can with qualified teachers listening in friendly and small groups.

Selected locations

All our training sites are carefully selected to provide you all the comfort you need for your learning.


Quidd and its partners will provide you with all the necessary material and support for the realization of your project. Do not hesitate to contact us now and take advantage of our startup offers!



Start today building E-Commerce online !

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Intuitive learning

Audio, video, quick practice



Certified courses

Small group classes. Business-oriented.




Competent teachers

Several years of experience in the desired technology.



Material available

Courses support and lesson plans available all the time



Quiz and homework

Learn easily with quizzes and interactive assignments.


Training schedule

Define your own courses with tailored training plans.


Activity monitoring

Track your learning activity with statistics and graphs.

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