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A store on Shopify ?



or with Prestashop ?



Or in WooCommerce? 


Escape from technical constraints!

Shopify allows you to focus entirely on developing your business. Hosted solution, you do not worry about the technical aspects!


Open-Source Platform !

Prestashop is open-source freely modifiable to suit your needs, which allows a simple and clear management of contents, a great adaptability of design and a breathtaking online e-commerce experience !

WordPress integrated platform

WooCommerce, which is based on the WordPress CMS, is more versatile and better optimized for SEO, thanks to its blog and powerful SEO modules.

A cross-commerce solution!

Thanks to its multi-channel approach, Shopify makes it possible to sell online, on Facebook, on marketplaces, on Twitter, in physical sales outlets ...

A wide variety of native features!

Prestashop offers natively the essential features for developing your online business: Managing your catalog, Order Management, Accounts Receivable Management, Customer Opinion Management, analysis and reporting of your activity ...

Updates portability

WooCommerce does not include invasive advertising. It is also very easy to update a WooCommerce store. WooCommerce themes are easily customizable and their evolution is easy.

An exceptional customer experience

With Shopify, you benefit from a platform on which the customer experience is most worked from end to end: smooth navigation, reassuring interface, simple control, etc.

Many areas covered!

Prestashop allows the proper implementation of essential legal tools (Terms), the addition of sales functionality, the addition of payment features, the addition of community features or loyalty or the customization of your theme.

Reduced running costs!

Woocommerce does not charge sales commissions or annual license fees. When the website is finalized, it belongs to you: the data on your transactions, your customers and your products remain your property. Robust but lightweight platform, hosting costs almost nothing!

$ 499.99

  • Prestashop or Shopify
    or WooCommerce
  • Default theme
  • Free 3 months hosting 10 GB / 2 GB of RAM
    or 3 months subscription.

  • 2 hours training
  • Starting
    guide included (value of 65$)
    This is a tooltip for the Personal package.
$ 699.99

  • Prestashop or Shopify
  • One theme in our catalog
  • Hosting of 6 months offered 25 GB / 2 Go RAM
    or 6 months subscription.

  • 3 hours training and support.
  • Starting
    guide included (value of 65$)
    This is a tooltip for the Professional package. You can write here anything.
$ 899.99

  • Prestashop dedicated
  • Theme in choice in our catalog
  • Hosting of 6 months 40 GB SSD / 4 Go RAM

  • Training of 4 hours and support.
  • Starting
    guide included (value of 65$)
    This is a tooltip for the Business package.

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