Test Prestashop 1.6 – Quebec Version with Canadian Taxes

You can download the stable version 1.6 of Prestashop directly on the Prestashop website. Or simply use it already functional on the Quidd site.

To do so, we put two online accesses:

The front-office:


Login : contact@quidd.it – Password : 000000000

The back-office:


Login: demo@quidd.it – Password : 00000000 – Profil basique en édition et naviguation

We have set up taxes in the Prestashop version for Quebec and Canada. A simple view allows you to see the power of Prestashop – Feel free to contact us for the configuration: Contact Quidd

Demo Quidd 1.6

A quick reminder of some features of Prestashop v.1.6 at the front-office level:

  • Powerful navigation with a rich menu
  • A totally responsive design
  • A quick overview of the products
  • Promotional banners
  • Simplified display of products by grid or list
  • A configurator live theme to manage everything at the design level in a few clicks
  • and many others…

A quick reminder of some features of Prestashop v.1.6 at the back office level:

  • Back Office totally responsive
  • A new dashboard
  • Automatic setting of statistics in real time
  • KPIs redesigned
  • and many others…

Feel free to play with the 1.6 demo available and functional on Quidd.it

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